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The Foundation for Brain Science and Immunology mission is to advance the understanding and treatment of neurocognitive and neuropsychiatric disorders, with a specific emphasis on how the immune response to infections and environmental factors impact the brain. By exploring the intersection of multiple interrelated disciplines (e.g., immunology, neurology, and psychiatry), we aim to uncover novel pathways for intervention, fostering collaboration among healthcare professionals to enhance patient care and outcomes.

PANDAS Physicians Network is a division of the Foundation for Brain Science and Immunology.


Our mission is to maintain the industry standard PPN Guidelines for Diagnostics and Therapeutics, foster continuous education and communication within the multi-disciplinary medical community and to sponsor research for developing diagnostic tests, treatment protocols and a cure for PANDAS/PANS within this generation.

PPN is an organization that is dedicated to helping medical professionals better understand PANDAS and PANS through real-time information and networking. PPN Guidelines for Diagnostics and Therapeutics are developed by PPN committees and special advisors from the top academic medical institutions in the United States, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Georgetown, NIH, and NIMH. Members of this elite group have worked with, treated, or studied the patients or aspects of the disorder. Because PANDAS & PANS are interdisciplinary disorders, all the relevant disciplines are represented on the PPN committees and the special advisory council.