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Past Grant Recipients

Stanford’s Immune Behavioral Health Clinic for their work on building a bio-repository for identifying biomarkers in PANS. (MULTI-YEAR GRANT)

Chandra Menendez, Ph.D. for her work identifying a pathophysiological mechanism in PANDAS/PANS and differentiating the subtypes of neurologic sequelae associated with Group A Streptococcal infections. (2022)

Dr. Madeleine Cunningham to identify one or more biomarkers for PANS/PANDAS and Sydenham Chorea. (2020)

Dr. Kyle Williams to evaluate the effect of a Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug on PANDAS symptoms. (2019)

Dr. Elizabeth Mellins to investigate a special type of immune cell that travels through the blood to the brain during PANS. (2019)

Dr. Jennifer Frankovich to support an analysis of cytokines, vascular antigens, blood brain barrier disruption, and metabolic peptides. (2018)

Dr. Jennifer Frankovich for her work on genetic markers and immunophenotypes associated with PANS (2016)