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Was you child recently diagnosed with PANS/PANDAS?

They may qualify for a treatment study.

Family Expectations

1. Family education and support is critical, particularly in the early stages of illness. Obtaining material on treating and managing childhood OCD is an important step.

2. PANS has a relapsing remitting course. Most children will experience at least one recurrence of symptom onset due to a PANS trigger.

3. Communication with the school will help alleviate stress and establish a better understanding between faculty and student. Clinicians and parents might also volunteer to provide an informative lecture to class, parents, and teachers, and/or request a 504 Plan, IEP, or SST.

4. Support is important. The entire family is under a large amount of stress and worry. You do not need to do this alone. Find help from family, friends, therapists, and the PANDAS/PANS parent support community.

School Resources

School can be difficult for PANS/PANDAS children. This resource provides information on the school impact, steps a school professional can take to help, and considerations for health care professionals in the education of PANS-affected students.

National Resources

Access a list of multi-disciplinary clinics that specialize in PANS/PANDAS.

Practitioner Directory

Primary care providers, including pediatricians, family physicians, and nurse practitioners, can diagnose PANS/PANDAS and implement the majority of treatments. However, if you need help finding a clinician familiar with PANS/PANDAS, visit the PPN Practitioner Directory.

Watch Our Townhall

Learn about the impact of infection and inflammation on mental health and psychiatric disorders and personal experiences surrounding the extraordinary challenges of PANS/PANDAS in this 90 minute townhall.

Supportive Resources

There are national and regional supportive resources for families affected by PANDAS and PANS. All listed resources are 501c3 non-profits. Inclusion in the listing is not an endorsement or a warranty of the information provided by the organizations.

PANDAS Network

International OCD Foundation

National Eating Disorders Association

Tourette Syndrome Association

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