There is no fee or monetary cost to become a member of the PPN. Membership in the PANDAS Physicians Network carries certain benefits that allow the practitioner, researcher and other licensed medical professionals to access the latest PANDAS and PANS related information and to communicate with each other through our members-only forum. There are many individual medical professionals internationally either treating PANDAS patients or confronted with children who exhibit PANS or PANDAS symptoms. The forum will provide a means to communicate and to post cases.

PPN will be very judicious in the email alerts sent by limiting contact only to matters of importance. Our goal is to drive membership of PPN to increase the flow of information to pediatricians, psychiatrists, and other medical professionals regarding PANS and PANDAS.

PPN Membership

Members will receive:

  • Email alerts on new cases posted to the forum
  • Email alerts on new research published
  • Notification of related conferences and events
  • Automatic invitation to the biannual PPN Medical Conference at NIH
  • Patient Registry/Survey changes, Changes to Guidelines, Treatment protocols or insurance reimbursement
Physician Membership
Med Prof Membership

Examples of Medical Professionals: Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants, and Psychologists. If you do not see your profession listed, you may still qualify.

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