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PPN Research Grant Announcement

PANDAS Physicians Network is proud to announce $150,000 will be awarded over the course of 3 years to support the PANS research program at Stanford’s Immune Behavioral Health Clinic for their work on building a bio-repository for identifying biomarkers in PANS.

Of particular attention has been Dr. Jennifer Frankovich’s work on collecting matched “healthy controls”. Having healthy controls allows detection of markers in blood or urine that could be indicators of an underlying genetic predisposition (as thought to be the case in Acute Rheumatic Fever) or as triggers that are overexpressed in patients with PANS.

Stanford has a repository of over 100 children with PANS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome), but needs healthy controls for identifying these markers. Finding healthy subjects in this particular age group is extremely challenging. CLICK HERE to learn how you can help PANS research by serving as a healthy control.