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The PPN has an elite group of experienced medical professionals that serve on its Scientific Advisory Board which encompasses committees and advisory positions. This inter-disciplinary group from the country’s top medical institutions has expertise in the sub-specialties of medicine that are relevant to PANS and PANDAS. Below are listed many of the PPN Scientific Advisory Board clinicians and/or researchers along with their academic affiliation:

Dr. Michael Jenike, Harvard University, Psychiatry
Dr. James Leckman, Yale University, Psychiatry
Dr. Elizabeth Latimer, Pediatric Neurology
Dr. Susan Swedo, Scientist Emeritus National Institute of Health
Dr. Madeleine Cunningham, University of Oklahoma, Immunology/Microbiology
Dr. Patrick Cleary, University of Minnesota, Microbiology (strep)
Dr. Harry Chugani, University of Delaware, Neurology & PET imaging
Dr. Dan Geller, Harvard University, Psychiatry
Dr. Ethan Stevach, National Institute of Health, Immunology/Microbiology (T cells)
Dr. Kyle Williams, Harvard University, Psychiatry
Dr. Karen Newell, University of Texas, ImmunologyMicrobiology (B & T cells)
Dr. Tanya Murphy, University of South Florida, Psychiatry
Dr. Benjamin Luft, Stonybrook University, Immunology/Microbiology
Dr. Mady Hornig, Columbia University, Psychiatry/Immunology/Microbiome
Dr. Ana Sotrel, Harvard University, NeuroAnatomy
Dr. Jennifer Frankovich, Stanford University, Pediatric/Rheumatology
Dr. Brian Fallon, Columbia University, Psychiatry
Dr. Bruce Brovender, Large NYC Pediatric Practice, Pediatrics
Dr. Dennis Murphy, National Institute of Health, Genetics & OCD
Dr. Samuel Grubman, New York University, Allergy & Immunology
Dr. David Brick, New York University, Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Eli Grunstein, Columbia University, Otolaryngology (ENT)
Dr. Michael Block, Yale University, Yale University
Dr. Mitchell Williams, Wayne State, Neurology (imaging)
Dr. Margo Thienemann, Stanford University, Psychiatry

In Memoriam
Dr. Arnold Gold

Sub Specialties and Special Interests Represented by Committee Members:

• Immunology
• Microbiology
• Pediatrics
• Neurology
• Psychiatry
• Rheumatology
• Neuro Anatomy
• Group A Strep
• Genetics
• Otolaryngology
• Imaging
• Lyme Disease
• Epidemiology
• Rheumatic Fever
• Bipolar Disorder