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The PPN mission is to maintain the industry standard PPN Guidelines for Diagnostics and Therapeutics, foster continuous education and communication within the multi-disciplinary medical community and to sponsor research for developing diagnostic tests, treatment protocols and a cure for PANDAS/PANS within this generation.


Maintain Industry Standard Guidelines

Foster Education and Communication

  • Collaborate with organizations to bring PANS/PANDAS information to a wider audience and increase understanding.
  • Discuss current trends and topics related to PANS/PANDAS with leading clinicians and researchers
  • Host CME accredited webinars
  • Develop resources to aid clinicians in evaluating and managing PANS/PANDAS
  • Secure space at medical conferences to distribute materials and facilitate conversations
  • Coordinate free access to articles and papers
  • Distribute hardcopies of resources to the medical community
  • Implement educational ads with pediatric organizations
  • Sponsor CME credits at medical conferences
  • Publish educational videos and PSAs
  • Create and maintain the PPN Practitioner Directory

Sponsor Research

  • Granted funding to Chandra Menendez, Ph.D. for her work identifying a pathophysiological mechanism in PANDAS/PANS and differentiating the subtypes of neurologic sequelae associated with Group A Streptococcal infections. LEARN MORE
  • Granted funding to support the PANS research program at Stanford’s Immune Behavioral Health Clinic for their work on building a bio-repository for identifying biomarkers in PANS. LEARN MORE
  • Granted funding to Dr. Kyle Williams to evaluate the effect of a Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug on PANDAS symptoms. LEARN MORE
  • Granted funding to Dr. Madeleine Cunningham to identify one or more biomarkers for PANS/PANDAS (and Sydenham Chorea). LEARN MORE
  • Granted funding to Dr. Elizabeth Mellins to investigate a special type of immune cell that travels through the blood to the brain during PANS. LEARN MORE
  • Granted funding to Dr. Jennifer Frankovich to support an analysis of cytokines, vascular antigens, blood brain barrier disruption, and metabolic peptides. LEARN MORE
  • Granted funding to Dr. Jennifer Frankovich for her work on genetic markers and immunophenotypes associated with PANS. LEARN MORE