Doctor and PANDAS PANS Patient

The PANDAS Physicians Network (PPN) is a non-profit, 501c3. Our goal is to help medical professionals understand, diagnose and treat PANS and PANDAS by providing to them quality research, diagnostic and treatment tools.

With your donation we can not only maintain these tools but help fund the research needed to continue to educate physicians and mental health professionals about PANDAS and PANS. Your dollars will help to change the face of mental illness forever by further proving that the immune system can cause such psychological distress.

All studies, backed by the PPN, will be vetted by the PPN Scientific Review Committee. The PPN provides current guidelines for diagnosis and treatment options that have been vetted by PANDAS experts and who are founding members of the PPN. The Guidelines and Therapeutics Committee includes members from the National Institute of Mental Health and many prestigious universities across the world.

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