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Dr. Ellen Wald: A Pediatric Infectious Disease Perspective on PANDAS/PANS

Dr. Ellen Wald, Chair of Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health and respected pediatric infectious diseases specialist, published the new PANDAS/PANS commentary, A Pediatric Infectious Disease Perspective on PANDAS and PANS, in The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal.

In addition to providing an excellent review of literature and debunking any “controversy” surrounding the immune mediated diseases, Dr. Wald states that the existence of PANDAS/PANS “needs to be acknowledged as we work collectively to improve the healthcare of children presenting with neuropsychiatric symptoms.”

Free for a limited time!

PANDAS Physicians Network has collaborated with the publisher to make this commentary free for one month. It will be available from Saturday, February 23rd to Saturday, March 23rd. We recommend this commentary to all physicians and medical professionals that see pediatric patients.

Access the PDF by clicking “READ THE COMMENTARY” below, and navigate to the “ARTICLE TOOLS” tab (click +ARTICLE TOOLS on mobile). Please note the content is copyrighted and must be accessed via the provided link. Direct link: https://bit.ly/2U4gtEi.

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